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*We don't sweat the small stuff, no extra fees for weekends/holidays, medication, etc*

Dog Walks 
Puppy Visits

We provide half hour, hour, and half day walks Mon-Fri and will make special exceptions on the weekends by request.  


Half Hour: $18

Hour: $25

Half Day: $36 

A new puppy is an exciting time!  Let us help with the potty and obedience training with puppy visits.  Puppies need a routine and regular trips outside to learn proper potty practices.  We offer 15 and 30 minute visits multiple times a day.    


15 minutes:  $10

30 minutes: $18

Grooming/Vet Visits

If we are able to accommodate, we will drop your dog off at a local groomers or vet appointment after a walk.  We also offer a service for drop offs and pick ups at a groomers along with visits to a local vet.  This requires us to call and make the appointments that will fit our schedule.  


Drop offs after walk: no charge in service area.

Vet Visits: price upon request and varies based on type of appointment scheduled  

Your Pet's Vacation Home

Please see "Your Pet's Vacation Home" for more details.  


*Please Note:  All boarding include free pick up and drop off*

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