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Always know who is caring for your beloved pet!  Here is a little snapshot of who we are.  Feel free to contact us to learn more!  

978.869.2600 or 

Jason: Owner and Walker

Jason is a graduate of Monsterrat School of Art.  He spent years in graphic design before starting a company designing aquariums and breeding exotic creatures.  He sold that company and decided to spend more time with animals his wife could tolerate:)  Jason has been with the company for 5 years with over 20 years of experience with dog training and care along with caring for cats, birds, rabbits, chickens, ducks, etc.  

Lauren: Owner and Walker

Lauren is a graduate of Gordon College.  She graduated with 3 Business degrees and spent her first year in Marketing for a Health Club.  She started Paws About Town 9 years ago after realizing how many companies alternate dog walkers weekly and/or have a high turn over rate which in return does not provide consistent companionship for clients.  Lauren has over 20 years experience with pet care.  Lauren's passion is to maintain a family business, providing consistent and reliable care for client's furry friends along with giving back to the community by donating time and money to children's charites and pet rescues.  

Ambrey Claire: Future Owner and Walker

Ambrey Claire is our little 5 year old and up and coming walker and CEO.  Ambrey has been around animals since birth and loves to partake in the care of our furry friends whether it is a walk in the park or snuggles during a stay at our "Pet Vacation Home".  

Bailey: Guest Activities Coordinator

Bailey is Lauren's first love.  She is who inspired Lauren to start Paws About Town.  Although they argue over the name of the company(Bailey believes it should be "Bailey About Town", she was designated as Activities Coordinator.  Bailey wears many hats as Activities Coordinator:  Welcoming guests, engaging in a fun game of fetch, showing them around the extensive yard to play, and leading walks.  

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